What to do

White Tailed Sea EagleMull provides opportunities for many forms of leisure activity. These can range from the very leisurely, to the downright exhausting. It’s terrain is ideal, not just for those who want to explore it for it’s own beauty, but it is also favoured by a large number of wild birds. These include the magnificent Sea Eagles that nest on Mull. Indeed, there are more Sea Eagles on Mull than in any other part of the U.K. However these are not the only birds to inhabit these parts and Golden Eagles, Harriers, Merlin, Peregrine, Golden Plover and many other species can be seen on the island.

For those whose interest is in wildlife, then there are other attractions that are more earthbound. Otters are often seen around Mull and Red Deer are commonplace. Minke Whales, Dolphins, Basking Sharks and Porpoises are no strangers either to the shores around Mull. There are various tour operators on the island who specialize in organized trips to view either the sea life or the wildlife that abounds. So for anyone who has read about, researched or is generally interested in seeing any form of nature in its own environment, then Mull will tick all of those boxes.

For those of a more energetic disposition, you can cycle on Mull rather than simply jumping in the car and follow the ‘Sat Nav.’ There are some reasonably gentle routes in and around the Salen/Glenforsa area, but there are also enough hills around to get the heart racing if that is more your style. If you are prepared to put in the effort then you are rewarded with some of the best views. Cycle hire is available in Salen if you just want to try it and see how you manage.